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Rochester’s Anesthesia Care

One thing we all agree on, you deserve the best care.

Highest Education

Our team has grown with thousands of hours of experience across a multitude of environments.

Emergency Prepared

Diversity amongst our group prepares us for almost any emergency.  A policy of cross training and shared experiences makes sure we have a team of emergency responders.

Patient Health

Our most important focus is the health of our patients. We describe how various treatments will affect them, how best to recover and how to prepare.

Comprehensive Care

Care begins with preoperative assessments of your medical history and doesn’t end until you are recovered.


Have some Questions?

This is very important for us. We can not have anything in your stomach at the time of surgery. Even water can be dangerous when you are under anesthesia. The risk for vomiting and aspirating into the lungs, could be life threatening when it comes time for surgery. Unfortunately we have to cancel surgeries because somebody just wanted a little water or coffee before they came in.

The good news is, anesthesia techniques are continually improving, resulting in shorter surgeries and recovery times, resulting in fewer side effects. The amount of pain discomfort or nausea you have depends on many factors. While current practices might not be able to completely remove pain or nausea during recovery, you should communicate with your doctor throughout the recovery. Any discomfort should be tolerable and should be controlled.


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